How To Make Cool Looking Photographs

When we get our first camera, most of us would be too psych up with excitement because we now have a new camera that we could capture cool looking things with. The first weeks of owning a camera is the learning process in which we take a lot of pictures – yes, even the most mundane things we take pictures. As long as we are shooting pictures, we are happy. This is probably why you see a lot of young adults carrying big cameras around their neck just taking pictures of everything. You probably also had this phase wherein you bring your big camera wherever you go.

Unfortunately, this honeymoon phase don’t last that long. Oftentimes, photographers would lose interest just months into this hobby mainly due to the fact that they can’t quite get what they are aiming for in photography. To be honest, this is normal. You won’t learn all the tricks within just several months of owning a camera. It takes more time than that. Actually, once you’ve invested time and effort into shooting more, you will realize that learning doesn’t stop in photography.

When we first started into our photography journey, we all have this idea that we can take several cool photos for our so-called “art portfolio” after a couple of weeks of practice. While you may take cool photos every now and then, there are times where you can’t quite capture what you have in mind. To put it simply, your shot does not compare to the level of your imagination. You just don’t have the necessary experience to turn your vision into a reality. Don’t worry as it all comes with experience. Below are some of the best tips to get that perfect shot.

Practice, practice, and practice

This should go without saying but is worth repeating over and over again. Most kids that pick up photography expect to get great shots as soon as they get their hands on some fancy new camera. No camera tech is ever going to replace experience as the main factor in determining the beauty of your photo.

Know what you want

If you want to get that dream shot of yours, you must have a clear idea of what it is. Do not go and shoot everything you see and hope that at least one shot turns out pretty cool. Understand what you want, search for the perfect scene, and shoot it.

Learn to edit

This may come as a surprise but almost, if not all, of those great pictures you see on the internet have some post processing in them. Make no mistake though, post processing does not lessen the creativity of the shot. In my honest opinion, it actually improves it. And honestly, your vision might not be possible without any post processing magic so it actually helps that you know how to edit. You’d be surprised how post editing a picture can help bring out the real beauty of the picture.