Fairytales Do Come True: You Can Now Get Married At Cinderella’s Castle


Every family has one: The Disney Freak.

Maybe your aunt collects Mickey Mouse clocks. Maybe your cousin threw a fairytale ball for her 30th birthday. Maybe you just received an invitation to your brother’s wedding at Disney World, because that’s a thing, now.

Disney World’s East Plaza Garden is now available for rent by anyone whose dream wedding includes a view of Cinderella Castle and maybe some park music piped through the speakers.

Loved ones can now gather at the end of Main Street USAand wait for the happy couple to arrive in Cinderella’s Coachas trumpeters play them in, Oh My Disney reports.

Disney Fine Art Photography is also available to snap memorable photos of the big I Do moment and, hopefully, crowds of wedding guests dressed in thematically appropriate formal wear.

Odds are this destination will book fast, so if a Disney wedding is what you’ve spent your life dreaming of, stay on top of this fairytale spot. We have no details about prices, but we’re guessing a fairy godmother will be necessary.

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Majestic Horses Turn This Wedding Photo Into A Masterpiece


We’re not horsing around when we tell you this is one perfectly timed wedding photo.

In September 2015, Irish couple Andrea Thorntonand Eoin Murphy tied the knot at Sundance Guest Ranch in Ashcroft, British Columbia. Photographer duo Jelger Vitt and Tanja Aelbrecht of Jelger + Tanja were there to capture some incredible photos of the newlyweds and the ranch’s horses, including this exquisite shot: 

Jelger and Tanja Photographers
120 horses at the Sundance Guest Ranch gallop through the newlyweds’ portrait session.

“Jelger shot several photographs in a short amount of time. He quickly scrolled through them on the back of the camera, but only realized he had ‘the shot’ when culling the photos days after the wedding,” Aelbrecht told The Huffington Post.

Thornton called the photo above her favorite of the day.

“It totally encapsulates what we love in life: each other, adventure and nature,” she said. 

The couple previously worked and lived at Sundance Guest Ranch, so it holds a special place in their hearts, Thornton said. It also meant that the couple knew the horses’ schedule, including the timing of the evening “jingle,” or when the animals are let out to run the pastures. 

Jelger and Tanja Photographers
“Sundance Guest Ranch was our home away from home while we were in Canada,” Thornton said. “We made lifelong friends at this ranch during the two seasons when we lived and worked there.”

“Eoin and I are both big nature lovers,” Thornton told HuffPost. “We fell in love with horses when we began work at the ranch. We also learned a lot about these beautiful creatures from more seasoned wranglers. They are very intuitive and emotionally intelligent animals.” 

Jelger and Tanja Photographers
The bride and one of the horses showing off their hooves.
Jelger and Tanja Photographers
The newlyweds rideoff into the sunset.

The happy couple recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of when they first met as college students in Cork City, Ireland.

“We celebrated by baking a chocolate cake — Eoin’s favorite — and watching our wedding speeches for the first time since we got married,” Thornton said. “It seemed like a beautiful way to celebrate the many adventures and memories we have created in the past decade by experiencing our wedding day together again.”

For more on this beautiful wedding, check out the video by Story of Eve below: 

This story has been updated with commentary from the bride. 

H/T PetaPixel 

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The Last Samurai In Rare Photos From 1800s


The Meiji Restoration of 1868 took power from the warlords that had been the de facto rulers of Japan and consolidated it under the Emperor Meiji. With the Restoration came many changes, including the creation of a modern, western-style, conscripted army in 1873. The famous Samurai, who despite making up only 10% of the Japanese population, and who wielded a tremendous amount of power, lost their right to be the nation’s only armed force, and eventually, even their right to wear a sword in public.

In honour of these noble warriors, Bored Panda has collected this list of coloured Samurai photographs, all taken between 1863 and 1900, in the twilight years of the Samurai’s reign. As it’s unlikely that any of you are Samurai, this list is closed, but you can still vote on your favourite photo!


Read more: http://www.boredpanda.com/last-samurai-photography-japan-1800s/

Great Ideas for Last Minute Birthday Celebrations


With how our world is moving today, where everything is fast-paced, it isn’t uncommon for parents to plan a little too late for their child’s birthday. Luckily, there are many ways to prepare a last minute birthday party that is sure to delight any child on their special day. If you are in a bind and you want to whip up a quick birthday party for your child, here are some tips that you can use:

Choose a theme that fits your child’s personality

The first thing to do when planning a special event for a child is to select a theme. You should select a theme that best fits the celebrant. Make sure that your child will enjoy the theme of your choosing – you can go for a pirate party or a princess festival, whatever you think he/she likes. Once you know what kind of party you’re going for, you can start buying things that you know would fit well into the party.

Make sure the invites go in advance

Make sure that guests will receive their invites weeks in advance. Do this to avoid any conflict of schedule and to allow them to clear their schedules before the actual date. You can forgo the usual paper invitation and just use e-invites and send them by mail. Better yet, you can create an event on Facebook and invite the guests there. Everyone has their own Facebook account so use this to your advantage. Since everyone has their own Facebook, this kind of invites makes it easier to organize any kind of event.

DIY Photo Booth – http://www.photographybyjacobson.com/showcase-photography-skills/

Making your own photo booth is easy. It doesn’t take that much but if you do it well, it will look like you put thought and effort in it. All you need to do is buy a roll of wrapping paper that matches the theme of the party and set it up in a sturdy box. You don’t necessarily need an expensive camera to take nice pictures. You can use a simple camera and take great pictures.

If you don’t have any of those things, you can hire a photo booth rental company. They will be responsible for all the photo-related events and you don’t need to worry about anything else. If you’d like more information about photo booth rental, you can visit http://www.AkronPhotoBooth.net.

Have someone help you with the planning

If you are really pressed on time, you can have someone help you with the planning. You can ask one of your friends to help you with the planning. If you have the money, you can hire a professional to do the party planning for you.

How To Showcase Your Photography Skills

photobooth01To be a good photographer, you need to be able to showcase your skills to as many people as possible. Through the use of internet, becoming a known photographer has become easier using social media as your main platform. However, not many photographers know where to start when it comes to posting their photos. This article will help you gain exposure for your photos.

Post your pictures online

If you want your photos to be noticed by many people, the best way to go about it is to post them online. By posting your pictures online, you are making them available for viewing for literally anyone with internet. If your pictures are good enough, you will be noticed by some people and may even gain followers. Most online sharing sites have a share button which people can do if they find your photos amazing. This is good publicity for your photos.

Just post your best pictures online as some sort of your personal library. Even if you don’t gain followers from it, at least you have your photos safely saved in the cloud. http://www.photographybyjacobson.com/unique-events-where-you-can-set-up-a-photo-booth/

Less is more when it comes to effects

When it comes to editing your pictures, you should not overdo it with the effects. There are far too many times that I’ve seen botched pictures because of some weird effects. A good example of this is the faux-HDR edit with saturation levels set too high. For the untrained eye, this is a good edit – colors popping up everywhere, bright pictures all around, and sharp. However, for most people, this kind of edit is overdoing it a bit. The best way to edit your photos is to adjust the levels until you see what you picture in your mind when you took the photos. Make your photos more natural and it will translate to a better overall quality of the photo.

Hire amateur models

Taking pictures is not only concerned with pointing the camera and shooting scenes. If you consider yourself more of a scenery type of guy, this may be enough. However, if you want to be a versatile photographer, you want to learn how to deal with models. You must be able to translate your imagination to your model. A good photographer can make their models comfortable throughout the shoot while allowing them to be themselves. If you master human interaction using a model, lots of opportunities will open up for you.

Build your own portfolio

Collect your best photos and organize them in such a way that makes them easy to look at. You can have them printed or just have your photos posted online using a pre-built template. There are many free templates to choose from but the better ones are paid. If you truly want your photos to shine, you should be willing to spend a little more to be unique.

Create your own style

To separate your own from the pack, you need to have a distinct style. You never know which style you like unless you go shoot photos all the time. Once you have a style that you want and is comfortable with, you should master it. Be consistent with your style and theme that way, when people come across with one of your photos, they can easily recognize it because of your distinct style. Make your style your own and give it your own identity.

If you want, you can earn money by doing photo booth rental on parties. It is a great way to practice your photography with plenty of models willing to pose for you.

Unique Events Where You Can Set Up a Photo Booth



Setting up of a photo Booth is a very easy thing but before you set one there are several things that you need to keep in mind so that you can be successful in setting it. This is one of the fastest growing businesses today all over the world because it is easy to do and does not require much capital to start. Photo Booth is very important in events especially in weddings but some experience is required to that the photography can be of high quality. Today photo booth rentals are found everywhere and therefore you don’t need to strain when looking for one as they found even in the local areas.

It’s fun and exciting to use the photo booth at things or events like parties, anniversaries and weddings. Capturing moments is very important for remembrance especially when having fun with your friends. The end result of photography is that at the end of the period you will be having very great pictures which you will use as memories in the future. Some of the unique events today where a photo booth can be set up or used are:

 Pop up fashion show

Pop up fashion show is a very important show today and such shows are of rage nowadays hence requiring a photo booth. Photo booth enhances runaway for charity events and for the local designers who are interested in promoting their products. Therefore it is very important for you to ensure  that if you have a fashion show you book a TapSnap photo booth so that it can be easy for you make your event interesting and of importance. As a designer ensure that you have grabbed some snaps and keep them for use in your upcoming pop-up show. Check here.

Car wash

Car wash is another great way in which you can pass your time especially on weekends or when you are free. Therefore it is important to take a TapSnap photo booth as a way of passing time while your car is being washed or dried. This makes you as the car owner busy because of this form of entertainment instead of watching while your car is being washed because it can be tiresome and boring to wait. Photography booth rental are found everywhere and therefore you don’t have to strain looking for one but what you are supposed to do is to just ring those who are nearest to you and they will arrive within a short time. (Find more in this sites : http://columbusphotoboothrental.net / www.AkronPhotoBooth.net )

Youth Sporting events

Most parents like taking their children to participate in sports and during this period they take photos of them while they are playing. They take cameras with them so that they can take pictures of the sporting events. Most people forget their cameras at their homes but the big question remains what should you do if you have forgotten your camera or if you don’t have a camera? The option that you have is that of renting a photo booth for the event. Renting a photo booth for a day is not expensive and therefore hire a photo booth during this great day for remembrance.

How To Make Cool Looking Photographs

When we get our first camera, most of us would be too psych up with excitement because we now have a new camera that we could capture cool looking things with. The first weeks of owning a camera is the learning process in which we take a lot of pictures – yes, even the most mundane things we take pictures. As long as we are shooting pictures, we are happy. This is probably why you see a lot of young adults carrying big cameras around their neck just taking pictures of everything. You probably also had this phase wherein you bring your big camera wherever you go.

Unfortunately, this honeymoon phase don’t last that long. Oftentimes, photographers would lose interest just months into this hobby mainly due to the fact that they can’t quite get what they are aiming for in photography. To be honest, this is normal. You won’t learn all the tricks within just several months of owning a camera. It takes more time than that. Actually, once you’ve invested time and effort into shooting more, you will realize that learning doesn’t stop in photography.

When we first started into our photography journey, we all have this idea that we can take several cool photos for our so-called “art portfolio” after a couple of weeks of practice. While you may take cool photos every now and then, there are times where you can’t quite capture what you have in mind. To put it simply, your shot does not compare to the level of your imagination. You just don’t have the necessary experience to turn your vision into a reality. Don’t worry as it all comes with experience. Below are some of the best tips to get that perfect shot.

Practice, practice, and practice

This should go without saying but is worth repeating over and over again. Most kids that pick up photography expect to get great shots as soon as they get their hands on some fancy new camera. No camera tech is ever going to replace experience as the main factor in determining the beauty of your photo.

Know what you want

If you want to get that dream shot of yours, you must have a clear idea of what it is. Do not go and shoot everything you see and hope that at least one shot turns out pretty cool. Understand what you want, search for the perfect scene, and shoot it.

Learn to edit

This may come as a surprise but almost, if not all, of those great pictures you see on the internet have some post processing in them. Make no mistake though, post processing does not lessen the creativity of the shot. In my honest opinion, it actually improves it. And honestly, your vision might not be possible without any post processing magic so it actually helps that you know how to edit. You’d be surprised how post editing a picture can help bring out the real beauty of the picture.

8 Essential Things Every Photographer Needs to Learn

image1449729502The only difference between an amateur photographer and a professional one is consistency. An inexperienced photographer can have great photos but they are few and far in between. They can have photos that are on par with photos of professional photographer but they fail to produce amazing photo quality consistently. Every photographer has been in this predicament. As with all hobbies, you’ll get better with experience. With enough experience, you will be more consistent with your shot and be masterful with your technique. The key is to never stop studying and learning.

In this article, we will explore the things that make professional photographers great at what they do. Sure, you can have the same camera but how come they can take professional looking photos and you don’t? I am going to write 8 essential things you need to learn to become better at photography. Using these tips, you can produce a great shot with consistency. Of course, you will need to practice a lot. Let’s get started.

  1. Know your camera

There are many photographers out there that don’t know all the functions of their camera. I used to be one of them until one day I checked some forum for my camera model and found these amazing pictures. I saw great pictures, professional looking even. Now, that got me wondering how they are able to produce that kind of quality using the same camera as me while I struggle to even get a decent shot? What I am doing wrong?

I opened my manual and started reading on the function of my camera. I was basically using auto all the time. I never even bothered to turn the knob to other functions. When I read the manuals, I actually learned a lot. I read some tips on photography forums as well. You don’t actually get better instantly. Of course, you need actual practice. But once you’ve mastered all the features of your camera, you will be able to get stunning pictures.

  1. Understand Exposure by learning ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture relationship

To create a great looking picture, you need to balance aperture, ISO and shutter speed. If you’ve played around with the manual settings of your camera, you will see that adjusting one of these three elements will have significant effect on your photo. If you are interested in learning a more in-depth tutorial for using these 3 elements correctly, you can visit here http://www.digitalcameraworld.com/2015/04/15/the-exposure-triangle-aperture-shutter-speed-and-iso-explained/.

Once you’ve mastered the art of balancing the picture, you will get amazing picture every single time. Additionally, you can create special effects like blur, motion pictures, long exposure, quick shot, and many more once you’ve learned to adjust the 3 elements correctly.

  1. Work with light

We photographers are very much dependent to light. Without understanding light, we can’t create a shot that we desire. If you are going for a certain feel or atmosphere in your photos, you need to understand how light interacts with things. Its subtleties and its many great effects will have tremendous impact on the way you take your photos. Experiment with light when you can. Fully understanding the light in your photos is done through constant experience.

  1. That Bokeh

Depth of field is a huge part of photography that you should not underestimate. To be honest, even a mediocre photograph can transform into a great photo if you add depth of field to it. In case you don’t know, depth of field is the blurring of the background of your subject. The way it works is the camera only focuses a tiny bit of space and the rest will be out of focus, giving you that blurring effect at the background.

Understanding depth of field is synonymous with understanding aperture. Aperture directly correlates to the amount of depth of field a photo has. The shallower the aperture, the more depth of field the photo will have. There is more to it than that actually. You can manipulate the camera into certain things and it can affect the amount of bokeh your photo has. To learn more about how depth of field works, you can visit here.

  1. Compose your pictures


Composition is the placement of different elements in your picture. It is basically the way you frame an image – where you put the subject of your image. You may have heard the “Rule of Thirds” wherein you need to place the subject at any intersecting points of 9 equal parts within the frame. It creates a balance in space for your photo and makes for an aesthetically pleasing placement of subject.

Although many photographers consider “Rule of Thirds” as the rule of thumb, it should not be the case with you. Understand that you don’t need to follow certain rules to create pleasing photos. Though these rules can make your photos great, they are mere suggestions as to what technique is optimal for photos. Make no mistake though, I am not saying that you should not follow some rules. All I am saying is be willing to experiment. If the photo looks right to you, you are doing something right.

  1. Focal length and its weirdness

Focal length has a great effect on the perspective of your photo. Focal length tells the users how zoomed in they are when taking a picture. Basically, the higher the number, the more zoomed they are into their subject. Experienced photographers have several lenses at their disposal. Rarely would you see a professional photographer use single lens for all their photos. Sure, these photographers exist but they are few and far in between.

Understanding focal length and its effects on your photo can be hard. I am actually having a hard time describing its effects in 2 paragraphs or less. To put it in the simplest form I can think of, the lower the number of focal length, the wider the angle of view – this means that more things can be seen inside the lens. The inverse is true for focal length of higher number – the higher it is, the narrower the angle of view. To learn more about focal length and its effects, visit http://improvephotography.com/34730/focal-length/.

  1. Perfect your perspective

Perfecting your perspective is learning to combine several elements of photography into one single trait. Creating a shot with great perspective will highlight the relationships between objects in your frame, how they interact and how they are placed together. A good photo will make its observers understand the depth and distance between objects.

This part of photography is quite neglected as many photographers learn shoot from their eye level. To create a great perspective, you should be willing to crouch, lie down or even use a ladder when taking a photo. It can add another level to your photos if you are able to do this correctly.

  1. Learn to post process

A lot of amateur photographers don’t even post process their photos. In digital photography, post-processing is a requirement, period. Today, with our enhanced ability to bring out the best in our pictures should be able to post process successfully. It’s a fact that what picture we have taken won’t look the same in our camera. In fact, they would look flat, boring and lifeless. Post-processing helps you to bring back the real beauty of your pictures by allowing you to adjust things like contrast, saturation, sharpness, noise level, hue and many more.

In post-processing, you can recreate the pictures as you see in your mind. Just make sure to be easy with saturation though. Many people make this mistake of oversaturating their photos thinking that it will look great. The fact is, oversaturated photos looks fake and almost cartoonish. Again, be easy with your post-processing and make it look natural and clean. Recreate the picture as you saw it in your eyes when you took it and you’ll never be wrong.

What Makes Photo Booth Rental Fun?

Photo BoothsThrowing a party is never an easy task, as there are just too many things that need your complete attention. To throw the perfect party, you need to think about the menu, the invitations, the guests, the activities and many more. With our busy schedules because of work and other things, who has the time do organize these things?

One choice you would have is to simply hire several companies that will do the job for you. For the food, hire a caterer. For the invitation, hire a graphic artist. For the activity, think of something that is both unique and fun and hire someone to get it done. There are so many activities to choose from but there is one activity that is quickly becoming the top choice for many type of occasions. One idea that keeps getting popular is the photo booth rental.

Photo booth rental is a service that provides instant printing of pictures as soon as they are taken. They will provide a photo booth and high definition camera to take the photo. They will also provide some costumes and other things if the guests want to have a little fun. Basically, you can dress up as you like once inside the photo booth. It is a good way to remember the party and get a souvenir while you’re at it.

Another good thing about renting a photo booth is that lets guests do silly things without looking out of place. It’s a memorable activity that will surely make your party a tad more fun and interesting. With how popular social media is today, your party pictures will surely be a hit. For more ideas for your photo booth, you can visit here.

What makes photo booth rental so interesting and unique?

Because of the technological advances in digital photography, printing a photo takes less than a minute today. Printing a picture as soon as they are taken will give you a tangible account of the memory. It is a nice addition to your photo album. That picture will allow you to look back and remember the fun times you had when you were at this party.

Today, photo booth rental is quickly becoming a thing as evident to the increasing number of photo booth rentals in the country. Considered as a novelty years ago, photo booths can now be seen regularly in parties, birthday events, weddings and even normal gatherings.

Renting a photo booth is a fun way to make people remember your party. It is a light-hearted fun activity that lets people be who they are. The costumes and decorations allow people to be comfortable and that will lead to candid moments. Using a photo booth service, you can capture these moments and share them with others. That’s what makes photo booth rental a must for any kind of party.



Renting a photo booth is one of the best ways to make your wedding day special and unique from others. Your guests may attend plenty of wedding functions and they also want some change. If your wedding ceremony is different from others it became memorable for all of them. After this also visit our top article. Reception arrangements can be the best one if you take help of photo booth rentals.

The Advantage Of Having Photo Booth

Some of the brides want change and want to be the best in photographs. So they prefer to hire photo booth rentals that maximize their wish. They make poses and styles to look unique. The advantage of having photo booth on wedding is many. Some of them are given below.

  • In normal photography there are less images and backgrounds. As you know if you hire a regular photographer for making pictures than these are just the photographs. They just come and take the photographs on the available backgrounds that you give them. On the other hand many of the photo booths have interesting and beautiful backgrounds according to the event.
  • If it is wedding ceremony than they add the contextual according to that. If you want funny affects you can also go for it.
  • The basic reason is to contact the photo booth rentals is to add colors in your wedding. The guest also feels comfortable with them.
  • As it is few hours’ ceremony so everyone busy in taking photographs through disposable cameras. At the same time if you have the facility of having photo booth than it became preferable for the bride and groom.
  • They can choose the booth of their own choice. Traditional backgrounds, classy backgrounds, funny affects, and many other are available in this.
  • It is forever memorable event so it is necessary to have the record of it.


The question arises in the mind of people how they find the best photo booth rentals. It is not difficult now. You can visit the market before your wedding ceremony and check out all the booths. Rates are different so find out the rates also. You can also find them through internet as all the records are available on it. Don’t forget to know about the past experience of photo booth rentals.

The people who want change and also want to facilitate their guest must take photo booths. Photography booth rental is admirable now especially in elite class. It give a class to your ceremony.

It is different from normal photography as it is the set of four photographs. These photographs show the whole event in the single picture.

As in the normal photograph there is just a picture but in photography booth rentals the whole event can be add. The date and the time is mentioned over it, the place where the ceremony happens and the name of bride and groom can also be mentioned. If you need more information you can also visit this site. The photograph of your worthy guest can also be saving in the same way. Photo booth gives the best color to your wedding ceremony that is precious for you forever.